Each year, Women Nationally Active for Christ sponsors four offerings, each with a specific and vital purpose: WNAC operating expenses, International Missions, Home Missions, and State Missions.


WNAC Emphasis Offering—May (Mother’s Day)

Since 1965, WNAC has observed an annual Emphasis Month. This allows a local WAC group a designated time to publicize and promote WNAC among the entire church body. Congregations are also encouraged to give a special love offering to help defray office operational expenses. Originally in August, Emphasis was later changed to May to coincide with Mother’s Day—a time when many churches focus on women and when individuals often give in honor or memory of special Women Active for Christ.


Pre-Easter Week of Prayer/WMO Offering – April

This offering highlights or accompanies the Pre-Easter Week of Prayer. Formerly called the Laura Belle Barnard Offering, this offering helps underwrite all ministries of the Free Will Baptist International Missions department. Utilize the free packet of information from WNAC and FWBIM, mailed annually to each local women’s group. The book Touching the Untouchables, which chronicles Miss Barnard’s life and ministry, will prove advantageous in acquainting women with her life.

To promote the World Missions Offering, encourage women to fill WMO Coin Banks. Be creative as you challenge women to give: the price of an Easter outfit; a month’s cell phone payment, etc.

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Pre-Easter Bulletin Insert 2017

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Pre-Thanksgiving Week of Prayer/Mission: North America Offering—November

Formerly called the Lizzie McAdams Offering, this offering highlights or accompanies the Pre-Thanksgiving Week of Prayer. Funds received help underwrite departmental expenses of Free Will Baptist Home Missions. Utilize the free packet of information from WNAC and FWBHM, mailed annually to each local group.

Acquaint women in your church with Mrs. McAdams and her contributions to Free Will Baptists. Find her story in the book Sparks Into Flame. Be creative in challenging your women to give:  the cost of a Thanksgiving meal, the price of kitchen appliance, etc.


Alice Lupton Offering—Month of Choice

The Alice Lupton Offering supports state home mission works. Check with your state mission board for missionaries, special projects, and other ongoing financial needs. Promote your offering with appropriate seasonal ideas for daily offerings during the month. Consider receiving an offering after a special prayer service for your state’s home missionaries.